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Flow Festival 2018 will be organized in Suvilahti, Helsinki on August 10-12.

Age restriction 18+

The prices apply until further notice.

For a service fee, a bought ticket can be exchanged to the same price ticket or upgraded to the higher price ticket by paying the difference.




Travel packages

Hotel packages including your Flow Festival ticket and accommodation are available on Festicket and Festlane. You can also book your flights in a travel package with Festlane.


Gold Area

Get a unique Flow Festival experience with a Gold area ticket

The Gold Area is an oasis for the international and domestic guests and partners of Flow Festival. It’s also an ideal space for smaller company get togethers and networking. The Gold Area is located within the festival grounds, on the lush greenery above the Red Garden. Gold Area ticket holders can also use a special express lane for wristband exchange and entrance to the festival area.

With Gold Area’s lounge, the well-stocked bar, café, comfortable seating arrangements, free WIFI and premium level bathrooms, you will get a high-quality Flow experience in a comfortable setting. The area’s daily happy hour includes refreshments and small snacks. The Gold Area ticket includes the whole festival program and access to the festival area.

Get a 3-day Gold area pass for a special price of 295 € for a limited period of time. Gold Area one day ticket (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) 175 €.