We use cookies and similar technologies on the Flow Festival website so that we can offer the best user experience on our website and other services. For example, cookies allow you to keep your favorite artists and restaurants saved to your own MyFlow account. Planning your personal Flow weekend schedule is quick and easy. Read on for more information on this cookie policy.

Information collected by cookies is not, in principle, associated with personally identifiable information but some information collected by cookies may be indirectly associated with personally identifiable information relating to identifiable person. Such information includes e.g. user’s IP address and/or unique device ID. We treat such information as Personal Data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

What is a cookie? What cookies do we use and for what purposes?

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on a user’s computer or mobile device when they visit a website. The site can access this text file later in order to perform tasks; some functions will not be operational on some sites if cookies are disabled. The cookies will not harm the user’s device or files.

Flow Festival does not gather information on website users via cookies. However, we have embedded a few carefully chosen third-party tools on our website, and they may save cookies on your browser.

We use cookies to build up anonymous statistical information for marketing purposes and to develop our website using Google Analytics. The tool allows us to gather information for example on what site you visited directly prior to accessing our website, what pages on our website you have viewed and when, your age group, the city where you are using our site, your browser, your screen resolution, and your operating system. We do not survey this information piece by piece but as a chunk of data, so that we are able e.g. to construct our website to work as quickly and easily as possible on all the most popular devices and browsers.

With the tools provided by third parties – Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Pixel – we can collect information that can help us direct Flow Festival marketing to the right demographics on other sites, such as Facebook and YouTube.

For an overview of Google Analytics, please visit Google Analytics. It is possible to opt-out of Google Analytics with the following browser add-on tool:
Google Analytics opt-out add-on.

Marketing settings on Google and Facebook can be changed from the following links:
Google Ads settings
Facebook Ads settings

Social media plugins

Our website may contain so called social media plugins. When a visitor visits our website, a link is formed between the visitor’s browser and the server of the provider of the social media plugin. Due to the link, the visitor’s browser may automatically transfer data relating to the website visitor to the social media plugin provider in question, e.g. the visitor’s IP address and the information that the IP address in question has visited our website.

If the website visitor opens the social media plugin while he/she is logged into his/her user account in the social media platform in question, the content of our website may be linked with the user’s user account in that platform. In that case, the service provider in question may be able to connect the visitor’s visit to our website with the visitor’s personal user account in the social media platform in question.

The services of the social media plugin service providers are subject to their own terms of use, other terms and conditions and privacy policies. Below is a list of the services to which the social media plugins found on our website relate to.


How can I disable cookies?

You may choose to set your web browser to block cookies completely or alert you when cookies are being sent. From the following links, you can find more information on how you can change the cookie settings with the most popular browsers:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Take note that some functions of our services might not operate correctly if cookies are disabled.

We use so called pixel tags in our marketing and website. These are embedded on the website or in the email and allow identifying readers of websites and emails e.g. for identifying whether an email has been read or not.

I want to know more about cookies. Where can I read more?

More information on cookies and other similar technologies can be found from: