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L’Impératrice is a French sensation that creates music by blending pop, nu-disco, soul, and electro. Founded in 2012, this Parisian band has risen to a cheerful cult prominence, with its most popular songs streamed tens of millions of times. L’Impératrice’s music is like a mix of Daft Punk’s more organic side and the tobacco-scented 70s Parisian discos.

The band’s irresistible groove, cheerful sunniness, retro-futuristic melancholy, timeless pop brilliance, and sympathetically simple production captivate the listener into euphoric dancing and a whirl of positivity.

The soulfulness of L’Impératrice lies in its members: Charles de Boisseguin‘s keyboards, Hagni Gwon‘s vintage synthesizers, David Gaugué‘s groovy bass lines, Achille Trocellier‘s guitar riffs, Tom Daveau‘s rhythm handling, and Flore Benguigui‘s enchanting vocals. The band released its first EP in 2012 and has since performed at many of the world’s most significant festivals, such as Coachella.