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Verneri Pohjola, one of Finland’s leading jazz trumpeters, will perform at Flow Festival, presenting his new album Monkey Mind. Pohjola is recognized for his unique playing style that combines warmth, tranquillity, and strong improvisation.

Released in November 2023, Monkey Mind is Pohjola’s latest album, addressing the restlessness and agitation of the mind. Pohjola describes the album as born from a desire to confront his own “monkey mind” and greet it amicably, reflected in the profound themes of the songs. The new record also marks a new lightness in Pohjola’s music. He composed the pieces by genuinely listening to himself, seeking pleasure in music-making without the confines of genre definitions.

For the album, Pohjola assembled a dream team of Europe’s top musicians: pianist Kit Downes, bassist Jasper Høiby, and drummer Olavi Louhivuori, all of whom support his vision and enhance the musical richness of the album. At Flow Festival, Pohjola’s music will be further enriched by special guests Linda Fredriksson and Tuomo Prättälä.

Pohjola has achieved multiple significant recognitions in music. He was awarded the Yrjö Prize, the highest honour for a jazz musician in Finland, in 2017 and an Emma Award in 2015. In August 2023, Pohjola premiered the trumpet concerto of composer Kaija Saariaho, HUSH, written for him in two sold-out concerts at the Helsinki Festival with the Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Susanna Mälkki. This piece was the last composition by the legendary composer Saariaho.