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p. 0600 10 800

3 days: 159 €
2 days: 135 €
1 day:   89 €
All ticket prices include a seller fee of 3,50 €

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Baltic Sea ticket + 2 € available to all ticket types at Lippupalvelu. If you decide to purchase a Baltic Sea ticket, a € 2 supplement will be added to your ticket price and will be donated in full to the WWF.

Two and three day tickets will be exchanged to a wristband. Festival guests with the Flow wristband can exit and enter the festival area during the Flow weekend.

One day tickets won’t be exchanged to a wristband and therefore guests with single day tickets can’t return to the area once left the area.

Note: Tickets to Flow Festival 2014 are not named or personal. PDF tickets come with original buyer’s name but canalso be used to switch to a bracelet or – in case of a one day ticket – to enter the festival area by anyone over 18 years old can use one.

The two and three-day tickets can be exchanged to a festival wristband before the event starting August 6.

The Festival Info sells Flow Festival tickets, official festival t-shirts and bags along with frisky products of the Secret Shop. At the info you can also pick up the new Wolf magazine published August 4.

Opening hours of the festival info (no wristband exchange on Monday and Tuesday!)

Mon 4.8 10am – 6pm
Tue 5.8  10am – 6pm
Wed 6.8 10am – 8pm
Thu 7.8 10am – 8pm
Fri 8.8 10am – 6pm

The two and three-day tickets can be exchanged into a festival wristband also at the main entrance. Ticket sales and wristband exchange at the main entrance of the Festival:

Fri 8.8 3.30pm – 11pm
Sat 9.8 1pm – 11pm
Sun 10.8 1pm – 9pm

Exchanging tickets to a wristband

The two and three-day tickets can be exchanged into a festival wristband before the event. The Flow Festival Info and wristband exchange is situated at Secret Shop (Postikatu 1). A PDF ticket doesn’t have to be printed if it’s downloaded to a smartphone or tablet with a medium- or large-sized screen. The barcode can be read from the device at the wristband point if the screen is big enough – as most of the standard smartphone screens are.

Ticket sales at the festival site

The ticket sales at the festival site open one hour before the opening every day during the festival, if there are any tickets left to sell. Lippupalvelu will also sell festival tickets at their shops as well as online during the festival if there are any left from pre-sale.

The minimum age limit for entry to the festival is 18. You have to be able to prove your age with a valid ID card.

Flow Festival travel packages

We are happy to offer you travel packages cosisting of flights to Helsinki and accommodation in the city during Flow Festival. Read more about travel packages and send a free enquiry here!