Explore virtual reality like never before!

Flow invites you to jump into virtual reality with selected content that will broaden your perspective! With these quality short films, fascinating pieces of VR art and virtual music experiences you will be able to familiarise yourself with the range of possibilities VR can offer. After taking the first step towards VR you can continue to discover new content by browsing the apps.

Flow Festival’s partner OP Helsinki gives away OPxFlow virtual reality goggles at their branches. When used with a smartphone, a VR app and high-quality headphones, the goggles make it possible to enjoy beautiful 360° viewing experiences. View this page on your smartphone and explore the curated VR content and instructions for watching them.

Step by step:

  1. Get your OPxFlow VR goggles from an OP branch: Vallila, Mikonkatu, Hakaniemi, Itis, Iso Omena, Jumbo or Sello
  2. Assemble the goggles. The package includes instructions but you can also see the assembly process on the video below.
  3. Download a VR app to your smartphone in order to watch the amazing VR content. Below you’ll find Flow’s best picks, links to application stores and instructions for using the VR apps.
  4. Search for VR content in the apps, slip your phone in the goggles and enjoy!
  5. For most content, wearing headphones is recommended to get the full experience.

OPxFlow goggles will be handed out at Flow during the festival weekend. Please note that there is a limited amount of products. You have an opportunity try out the goggles and view the VR content by visiting OP Lounge at Flow during the festival weekend.

Watch how to assemble the OPxFlow VR goggles: