Flow presents the world’s best DJs at Resident Advisor Front Yard

Flow Festival brings some of the most exciting club music stars to the festival in cooperation with the world's leading electronic music online media, Resident Advisor. Among the top DJs performing at Flow's Resident Advisor Front Yard are Young Marco, Helena Hauff, Hector Oaks, LSDXOXO, and Job Jobse.

Flow Festival is known for its exceptional club music repertoire, rivalling in abundance with the world's best electronic music festivals. Presented at Flow for the sixth time, Resident Advisor Front Yard is the place to be for every quality club music lover, where the party continues non-stop from the moment the gates open well into the night.

In August, RA Front Yard will again exhibit a versatile program, as established producer and DJ Young Marco, known for last year's massive hit What You Say?, will take the stage. Joining the bill are uncompromising German techno and electro DJ and producer Helena Hauff and Héctor Oaks, one of the most important players in European underground techno. In addition, Front Yard will feature LSDXOXO, a central member of the new wave of techno artists, Job Jobse, known for combining melodic house, high-octane techno and Italo disco, and Animistic Beliefs, an art project drawing from punk, techno and the Southeast Asian roots of its members.

RA Front Yard will also feature South Korean-born DJ Fart in the Club, known for her surprising and musically versatile gigs, DJ Gigola, who released her acclaimed debut album Fluid Meditations in 2022, and DJ Spit, who is breaking and reforming the conventions of club music. Furthermore, up-and-coming DJ-producer Pablo Bozzi, combining Italo disco melodies and EBM's heavy beat in his music, and Paula Koski, a Berlin's Tresor club resident playing deep and hypnotic techno, will also take the stage.

At Front Yard, the crowd can also enjoy the joint set of domestic DJs Denzel & Joni DJ, the versatile sounds of MORA, creating space for queer and POC communities in the club culture, and Marju's set that moves the body and mind. Karoliina Pärnänen, who defies genre boundaries in her sets, Mr Velcro Fastener, which rose to the forefront of electro at the turn of the millennium, and Emkay with her live set, will also make the crowd dance at RA Front Yard.

Other domestic DJs performing at RA Front Yard are Malin Nyqvist, convincing with her originality, Laura MRLS, serving melancholic soundscapes and hypnotic techno, and DJ JVS, inspired by deep emotions and psychedelia. In addition, the audience will be moved by Jeku, who dives into the world of acid techno with his live set, Mary Young, a lover of dark but playful electronic music, and ATI, playing jungle and drum'n'bass.

Resident Advisor Front Yard lineup:
Young Marco, Helena Hauff, Héctor Oaks, LSDXOXO, Job Jobse, Animistic Beliefs, DJ Fart in the Club, DJ Gigola, DJ Spit, Pablo Bozzi, Paula Koski, Denzel & Joni DJ, Mora, Marju, Karoliina Pärnänen, Mr Velcro Fastener, Emkay (Live), Malin Nyqvist, Laura MRLS, DJ JVS, Jeku (Live), Mary Young, and ATI.

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