Flow Festival’s The Other Sound x Sun Effects program announced

Produced together with the festival’s lighting partner Sun Effects, Flow Festival’s experimental music program, The Other Sound, offers festival-goers a chance to pause and search for inner peace guided by sound and music.

The old power plant of Suvilahti is the largest of the industrial structures in the festival area. The wide-open, thousand-square-meter hall has the distinction of serving as Flow Festival’s official sanctuary for The Other Sound. This program shines a light on experimental music and sound art gems. The venue, named The Other Sound x Sun Effects, comes together with Flow’s long-standing partner, the design collective and production house Sun Effects, who will also curate a topical light and video art collection for the venue to complement its music program. The collection’s details will be shared later when Flow Festival announces its complete art program.

Taking the stage on Flow Festival Friday at The Other Sound x Sun Effects are multifaceted sound artist Caterina Barbieri with her new piece The Spirit Exit, percussionist and sound artist Claire Rousay, as well as Huoratron Deconstructed with a one-of-a-kind set composed specifically for The Other Sound. Also performing on Friday are TRAINS, creating a dramatic ambiance by using the human voice, instruments, and machines, and the audiovisual work Waves of Inner Peace by Project Vainiolla.

On Saturday, Flow Festival presents a premiere of Tuomas A. Laitinen's music from the album Sapiduz, one of the most striking new voices in the European underground music scene, the solo project of Luxembourgish-Finnish musician Maria Rossi Cucina Povera, and NYKY Ensemble, performing a program constructed by pianist Anna Kuvaja, featuring the works of composer Arvo Pärt. Additionally, the most widely used journeymen on the Finnish jazz scene, Antti Lötjönen and Ville Herrala with their duo project, a sound artist working in composition, installation, and cross-disciplinary collaborative performance Marja Ahti, and Katri Naukari and Janne Myllymäki with their collaborative performance Murskautuminen, will all take The Other Sound x Sun Effects stage on Saturday.

On the final day of the festival, The Other Sound x Sun Effects will display performances by composer and vocalist Arushi Jain, blending Hindustani classical music with new age synth, Norwegian Smerz, seamlessly weaving together techniques and sounds pulled from chamber and classical music, hip hop, R&B, and hard electronics, and Kenyan sound artist and experimental ambient musician KMRU. Bringing their work to Flow Festival Sunday are also saxophone player and composer Heli Hartikainen with the piece CHRONOVARIATIONS combining music to spatial art, Ánnámáret, a musician from the Arctic indigenous people Sámi, with the piece Nieguid duovdagat – Dreamscapes, and a sound bath created with gongs and bowls by Ona Kamu.

Flow Festival takes place in Helsinki, Finland, on the 12th–14th of August 2022. The festival will host around 150 artists.

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