Flow Festival 2023 Early Bird tickets are now on sale!

Flow Festival 2023 3-day tickets are now on sale for a special Early Bird price! The 3-day ticket is available for an Early Bird price of 209 €, and 3-day Gold tickets are on sale for 325 €. The prices are valid until we announce the first set of acts of 2023 (which will be soon!).

A limited amount of open 1-day tickets for Flow 2023 are also now available for 115 €. Open day tickets are on sale until 31.12.2021 or until tickets run out.

Open 1-day ticket holders can exchange their ticket for a specific day ticket once all ticket types are available in 2023. Ticket holders will receive a link that will allow them to choose and swap their ticket for the desired day. 1-day tickets can be upgraded later on to include more festival days or a Gold ticket by paying the difference.

Get a holiday present for yourself or a loved one, and buy your tickets here!

Pst. Print and wrap your holiday gift tickets in Flow 2023 pattern; in white or black!