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6lack and Paperi T join the Flow Festival lineup

On the brink of the global breakthrough, Atlanta-based melodic rapper 6lack will perform at Flow Festival on Saturday August 11. His Grammy-nominated debut album Free 6lack has gained over 100 million streams, and while he specializes in trap, R&B, hip hop, and alternative R&B, he is really known for his original vocal delivery as well as relatable lyrics. He has worked with and performed alongside some of the most reputable artists in the industry, such as The Weeknd and Timbaland.

One of the most beloved and requested rap artists in Finland, Paperi T, will take the stage on Flow Friday. His past Flow gigs have been quite legendary cases and something special will surely be coming this time as well. Paperi T is known for his clever lyrics full of references on literature and culture. His long-awaited second solo album 'Kaikki on hyvin' will be released in June. Paperi T’s debut achieved both critical and commercial success, and it earned him two Emma awards (Finnish Grammys) and a Teosto prize, one of the most noteworthy art prizes in the Nordic countries. In 2016 he published a poetry book named Post Alfa, which was a huge success as well.

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