Only a short walk away from the centre of Helsinki, the festival takes place at the historical Suvilahti former power plant area in Helsinki. The factory area has been transformed into a perfect setting for the festivities with lighting design, decorations, design and the latest in event technology. The charming area provides also plenty of spots for resting and sitting in the case of acute festival fatigue. The area map will provide you stage locations, restaurants and bars, water points, toilets, wifi spots and other important locations. See the map below or download the map in pdf format from here. You can also find Flow’s map on the Flow Festival 2018 mobile application!

The Suvilahti festival area houses 11 different venues for Flow, including massive outdoor and tent stages for thrilling and atmospheric spectacles as well as cosy indoor and outdoor venues for more intimate moments. The Main Stage is fit to entertain the complete festival audience, while the smaller stages are suited for audiences of less than a thousand festival goers. Take a closer look below.

Main Stage

All roads lead to the Main Stage, which dominates the center of the festival area. This eye-catching primary stage is located at the core of the Flow environment, and is reachable or visible from almost every part of Suvilahti. The classic outdoor Main Stage has seen some of the brightest stars of the global music scene and been the epicenter of unforgettable Flow discoveries.

Lapin Kulta Red Arena

First introduced to Flow Festival’s audience in 2016, the gigantic tent stage, boasting a capacity of almost 15,000 persons, has become one of the festival area’s reference points. The flagship tent by Kayam has a maximum height of 20 metres, and the stage structure equals the Main Stage in size. The ceiling of the tent has been equipped with 100 acoustic panels custom-made for Flow by Soften. The installation-like panels breathe the festival’s visual identity made by Bond Agency.

Balloon 360° Stage

Balloon 360° is the beating heart of the Flow Festival. The stage was born six years ago as the result of an architecture competition and has since become one of the festival’s hallmarks. The stage is like a planet of its own where the atmosphere is always enchanting and intimate, and offers festival goers goosebump-inducing performance spectacles. Last year, the Balloon 360° moved to a whole new area with a new seating capacity of over 1,600 persons, along with new stairwells that made getting to the upper levels of the venue much easier. Not surprisingly, the enchanting Balloon 360° has proven to be immensely popular, so make sure to arrive in good time to secure your seats under the mesmerizing balloon.

SEAT Black Tent

The SEAT Black Tent is known for its palpable atmosphere. This year is not different, as the black tent serves as a venue for old legends and the rising stars, both domestic and international. The eye-catching milieu invites festival visitors to dive into the music and enjoy! Top billing artists fill up the tent swiftly with music enthusiasts, so we recommend festival goers to make their way to the Black Tent events in good time for the best seats in the house.

The Other Sound @ Sun Effects Voimala

Voimala, the “power plant” of Suvilahti, is the largest of the industrial structures in the area. The wide open, thousand-square-meter hall has the distinction of serving as the Flow Festival’s official sanctuary for a program called The Other Sound, which shines a light on the gems of experimental music. The Voimala stage has been named after Flow’s partner, the light art collective and production house Sun Effects, that has been taking care of Flow’s lightning design for over ten years. The experimental music program really comes into its own with the atmospheric lighting and video art, and there will be an impressive piece of video mapping and a light installation exhibition at the venue as well. Read more about Sun Effects’ light art at Flow Festival on our art page.

Resident Advisor Front Yard

Premiered in 2017, the lush new Resident Advisor Front Yard offers a large outdoor venue to see the top names in electronic music. At Front Yard the parties take place in the middle of grungy containers and dazzling lights.
What’s more, at Front Yard you don’t have to worry about moments of silence, as the music plays non-stop. The good vibes won’t be restricted to the venue only – part of the Front Yard gigs will be streamed online on Front Advisor’s channels.


Red Garden

Flow’s Red Garden brings quirky parties to the festival. Red Garden is a visual experience in symbiosis with the eternal colour red. It’s a bit of Twin Peaks and a bit of deceased Spanish lady’s ivy-covered mansion, where trees are growing inside her red, velvety living room. Red Garden will take you on a journey through red nightlife along with its red characters.


Flow Festival’s cozy lawn area Backyard is a green oasis known for its joyous atmosphere. The legendary Backyard dives deep into the history and the present of club music. This year Backyard offers a program hewing to Flow Festival’s club music director Toni Rantanen’s alias DJ Lil Tony’s Music4Friends concept: organic club music for friends around the world, regardless of year or genre. On Flow’s traditional Family Sunday, Backyard will be one of the venues to host fun activities for kids and families.


Champagne Bar & Lounge

The bubbles in the tall drink that is the Flow Festival are provided by the popular Champagne Bar & Lounge, located in the Balloon-area. In addition to the sparkling beverages, also talented DJs can be found here, blasting their best selections. Sit down for a minute, take a sip and relax.


Finnkino Pop-up Cinema

It doesn’t end at music, food and art: for years, Flow Festival has also been a sanctuary for the friends of cinema. This year Flow’s cinema moves to Tiivistämö, previously used as a venue, where Finnkino’s pop-up cinema brings out fascinating premiers of the upcoming Fall, as well as cinema classics and Aalto University’s students’ short films.

The program includes a harrowing and unconventional love story Stupid Young Heart directed by the Academy Award nominee Selma Vilhunen, and The Place by Paolo Genovese, an intimate and exciting story of people, whose destinies are intertwined, as well as The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir, an entertaining and endearing comedy about an Indian man traveling through Europe and The Miseduction of Cameron Post, a thought provoking drama starring Chloë Grace Moretz. On Sunday the whole family is welcomed to enjoy Studio Ghibli favourites My Neighbor Totoro and Arrietty.