Yes, Flow Festival takes volunteers to work before, during and after the festival. Application period for Flow Festival 2018 has ended, thanks to all applicants! Inquiries about possible cancellation spots can be sent to volunteer AT flowfestival.com from July 1st.


Looking for something you lost? All found items have been delivered to Lost & Found International. We recommend asking for lost property (worth more than 20 €) from +358 600 41006 or through Lost & Found International’s website. Address: Mäkelänkatu 56, 00510 Helsinki (Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-14).


Flow Festival is held in a disused power station built at the turn of the century. The festival site is only a short walk away from the centre of Helsinki. Street address: Parrukatu 2, 00540 Helsinki.

Opening hours of the festival:
Friday 10.8. 15.30 – 02.00
Saturday 11.8. 14.00 – 02.00
Sunday 12.8. 13.00 – 0.30


Biking is one of the most convenient ways to arrive to the festival. There is a bicycle parking area free of charge, and it’s located near the wristband exchange point, 250 meters from the festival’s main entrance. Flow’s bicycle parking is one of the largest seen in Finland. The parking area is constructed by Mall of Tripla, a bicycle-friendly mall in Pasila opening in 2019. Please note that the bicycle parking area is not guarded and Flow Festival is not responsible for parked bicycles.


The festival area has been planned according to easy wheelchair access to all performance venues and restaurant areas. There is a wheelchair podium at the Main Stage, at Lapin Kulta Red Arena and at SEAT Black Tent. The assistant to a disabled person can enter the event free of charge.

There are eleven portable bathrooms with wheelchair access at the area, as well as one accessible indoor bathroom at restaurant Lämpö.


The age limit for Flow Festival is 18 years. When asked, you must be able to prove your age with a valid ID-card or passport. A minor cannot attend the festival site, not even with an adult. The only exception to this is on Sunday afternoon when Flow Festival’s Family Sunday has activities for children. It means that an adult can bring a little child/children (10-year-olds and under) with him/her to the festival area from 1pm to 5pm. Due to the safety of children, kids are not permitted to stay in the festival area after 6pm.


ALL tickets will be exchanged for a wristband. Festival guests with the Flow wristband can enter and exit the festival area during the Flow weekend as they wish.

Can I pick up a wristband for another person?

The wristband will be applied and tightened on the ticket holder’s wrist upon pick up. Therefore, the wristband cannot be picked up by anyone else but the ticket holder personally.

Can I share a wristband with another person?

The wristband is personal and it cannot be shared with anyone else, it must be worn during the whole time it is valid. An unattached wristband is not valid for entrance.

My friend bought our tickets and now my ticket has my friend’s name on it. Do I have to change the name on my ticket?

The name printed on the tickets is just the name of the buyer. Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to use the tickets, no need to change the name printed on it.

Can I sell my ticket to another person?

Yes. If you are unable to attend Flow Festival and you have already bought a ticket, you can seek to sell your ticket to another person. We recommend using a verified service, such as Seatwave, for the sale. Please note that wristbands that have already been claimed cannot be sold. Wristbands that have been fastened or cut open will not be exchanged for a new one, as there is only one wristband per one ticket. Also, remember to not publicly post pictures that display the ticket identification codes (such as barcodes or QR codes).

Can I buy a ticket from a third party? Which ticket safety measures should I follow?

We strongly urge you to buy tickets only through our official ticket sale channels. However, even though we do not recommend it, you can also buy a ticket from a third party. We recommend using a verified service, such as Seatwave, for the purchase. Be extra careful if you are considering to buy a ticket from a third party. Never buy a wristband without a ticket. We do not sell separate wristbands, the wristbands will be exchanged only for a valid ticket. Wristbands that have been fastened or cut open will not be exchanged for a new one, as there is only one wristband per one ticket.


Due to safety reasons and a pleasant festival experience, do NOT bring the following items to the festival area:

– Alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic drinks
– Pets or other animals
– Umbrellas
– Tripods, Selfie sticks, GoPro sticks and other camera sticks
– Deposit bottles
– Weapons of any kind, firearms, drugs/narcotics, alcohol and any other illegal items
– Aerosol sprays (hairsprays, deodorants, paints etc.)
– Any portable chairs


The cloakroom is located next to the main entrance, and it can be visited both inside and outside the festival area.

The Lost and Found items storage is also located in the cloakroom. During the event, you can ask for or leave lost/found items at the main entrance cloakroom. Found items can be brought straight to the cloakroom.

After the festival weekend from Tuesday August 15th, we recommend asking for lost property (worth more than 20 €) at Lost & Found International +358 600 41006 or through their website. Address: Mäkelänkatu 56, 00510 Helsinki (Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-14).


You can bring small snacks (candy, cookies, etc) into the festival area. It is not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages or non-alcoholic drinks into the area. This is due to the bottle deposit system and the legal regulations followed at the event.

There are plenty of restaurant services on site offering a wide variety of food and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


Unfortunately bringing your own bottle containing water or any other liquid substance is not allowed. However, you can bring an empty non-deposit bottle (max. 1 L) to the area provided that it is clearly distinguishable from the ones used on site. You can fill up your bottle at the water supply points at the festival area.


The First Aid point is located at the flank of Voimala (Sörnäisten Rantatie 22). If you’re in need of first aid or help of medical staff, go immediately to the first aid point or contact the safety personnel wearing yellow vests.

If you have any questions or concerns related to safety please contact their yellow-vested staff immediately.


You can use cash, debit cards, credit cards and Visa Electron on site. There are no cash machines located on site, and the nearest ones can be found by the Sörnäinen metro station.


All purchases made at Flow Festival appear as Kuudeslinja Oy on bank statement.


All bottled and canned drinks sold at the festival area include a 1€ deposit to be refunded upon returning the empty bottle/can. To make returns and refunds as smooth as possible, there are special counters solely for this purpose. You can also cash your deposit at all bar desks but the other food stalls and restaurants will not accept can/bottle returns.

At the Champagne Bar & Lounge there is also a champagne glass deposit. Champagne glasses can only be returned at this venue. It is not possible to leave the Champagne Bar & Lounge venue with the glass.


At a festival event, both the organizer and the audience should take into account that last minute changes are possible. This could be, for example, a popular artist canceling their appearance due to unforeseen difficulties not related to the festival organizer. Flow Festival is a coherent whole, which includes some 100 different artists this year. The event has no clear headliners, but rather it is a combination bigger than any of its single parts. Thus, Flow is different from a single concert event and the ideological framework of many other events. Therefore, unfortunately we cannot refund ticket prices due to individual artist changes. We also hope that our audience would understand this, and the fact that these changes are often sudden and independent of the festival organizer. This way of dealing with possible changes is in connection to the common ways of operation in the festival scene at large.


In order to ensure a safe festival experience for all visitors, stage diving and crowd surfing are not allowed at the festival.


It is allowed to take photographs for personal use at Flow Festival. Please remember to respect the privacy of your fellow festival goers when taking photos. Security personnel has the right to prevent all photographing and recording in certain occasions, such as on the artist’s request. It is strictly forbidden to record any audio or video of the performances so please don’t film towards the stages. Please turn off the flash when taking photos near the stages. Without a permission, commercial use of photos taken at Flow Festival is strictly prohibited.

Drones, tripods, selfie sticks, Go-Pro sticks or any sort of camera sticks are not allowed to be brought to the festival site for security reasons. Please consider Flow Festival as a no-drone zone and don’t fly drones over the festival area at all.


The Festival area has several open Wi-Fi spots accessible for all festival visitors. The exact locations of the Wi-Fi spots will be marked on the festival map.


In accordance to local smoking laws, it is not allowed to smoke by the Main Stage or within any of the tents or indoor venues. It is allowed to smoke at other outdoor spaces, where you will also find ashtrays at your convenience.


We hope you found your answer. Please contact us at office@flowfestival.com in case you didn’t.

Welcome to Flow!