The next Flow Festival will be held August 9–11, 2024, in Helsinki, Suvilahti. The age restriction of Flow Festival is 18+.

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Festival address
Age limit / children
Can I volunteer at Flow Festival?

Tickets and wristbands

What ticket types are available for Flow Festival?
Can I use culture vouchers to pay for my Flow Festival tickets?
I have an open 1-day ticket for Flow Festival. How can I swap it for the day I want?
Can I exchange or upgrade my ticket?
Do I have to exchange my ticket for a wristband?
Can I sell my ticket to another person?
My friend bought our tickets, and now my ticket has my friend's name on it. Do I have to change the name on my ticket?
Can I buy a ticket from a third party? Which ticket safety measures should I follow?
Can I pick up a wristband for another person?
Can I share a wristband with another person?
My favourite artist just cancelled. Can I return the ticket?

At the festival area

Can I bring my own snacks to the festival area?
Can I bring my own water bottle to the festival area?
Allowed items
Prohibited items
Payment methods & bank statement
Photography and videotaping
Stage diving & crowd surfing

Where can I find?

Cloakroom / lost & found
First aid
Bicycle parking
Late Night Exit


Safety & equality
Equality and harassment contact person
Health safety
Toilet card

Other questions

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