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Welcome to listen to child artists, explore the world of music-making, and try out some DJing! At Backyard, you can dance to the summer vibes of the Skidit disco, led by DJ Orkidea. Feel free to admire the festival atmosphere, cheer on the performers from Kallio Music School, and hang out with both new and old friends. At Pikku Gubbe’s music club tent, you can record your catchy lyrics for a collaborative song, style yourself as your wonderful artist alter ego, and capture an epic clip for the after movie. At the Helsinki DJ Academy booth, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about DJing with the assistance of professionals.

Skidit Collective is located behind Backyard, advocating for a playful life. The Skidit Collective organizes highly popular Skidit events such as festivals, cruises, and discos. They have created content for cultural centers, Habitare, Tallink Silja, the City of Helsinki, and libraries.


13.15 Little Bear’s music school
13.40 The Magic Paws of Kallio Music School
14.00 Pikku Gubbe’s Stage Show
14.30 Selma (live set)
15.00 Skidit-disko ja DJ Orkidea
15.40 Pikku Gubbe’s Stage Show
16.10 Little Bear’s music school
16.30 The Magic Paws of Kallio Music Shool

Tio Tenhunen

Tio Tenhunen serves as the host of Skidi Backyard. He is a 12-year-old boy from Helsinki who is bursting with energy. He got his first drum set at the age of 3 and later became enthusiastic about creating his own songs and videos. Tio enjoys playing football, being part of a scout group, and can speak English, French, and Chinese.

Selma (live)

Selma is a 3-year-old child who loves dancing, chocolate, and Moomins. Some of her favorite music includes songs from Käärijä and the Frozen movie soundtrack. Currently, Selma also enjoys singing her own songs, which often revolve around such topics as poop and pee. In addition to music, her summer has included swimming and playing football. At Flow, Selma plays a set with her parent.

Kallio Music School’s Music Playgroup and little performers

At Backyard, you can participate in enjoyable summer music playgroups. Early childhood education professionals lead lovely and playful music sessions. Additionally, the school’s little students will be performing.


Instagram: @skiditfestarit