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Stage Show – Pikku Gubbe & Friends

Pikku Gubbe’s Stage Show features friends from summer camps. The bands Nuottimangot, ATKA, The Pineapples, Väärin Päin, Kesäkoalat, Jambalaiset, Melodi, Muuttotyypät, and SiljaLinnea will perform their new hits created during the summer song workshops. Pikku Gubbe will also entertain the audience and engage even the youngest participants in a collective exercise session!

Pikku Gubbe Workshop

Pikku Gubbe Music Club organizes workshops and camps where creativity is unleashed, and participants create their own song and music video. At Flow Festival, Pikku Gubbe invites participants to join in creating the kids’ own Flow after movie! At the Pikku Gubbe tent, you can record your catchy lyrics for a collaborative song, style yourself as such a wonderful artist you are, and capture an epic clip for the after movie! The Pikku Gubbe tent will be closed during the Pikku Gubbe stage show.

Instagram: @pikkugubbenmusiikkikerho