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X Garden

A crucial part of Club U-Haul’s concept is its Resident Line Up aka “The Good Party People” and the safer space hosts. The club’s Resident Line Up consists of a group of dancers and interdisciplinary artists who enhance the club’s atmosphere, and safer space hosts ensure the comfort of every partygoer, welcoming each participant into the space as their authentic selves.

Sasha Rockstar

Sasha is known in the Finnish fashion scene as a designer and multi-talent. Sasha has designed gala dresses and styled numerous Finnish artists. She goes by the name Sasha Ninja in the ballroom circuits, and she walks in balls worldwide.

Awa Sowe

Awa Sowe is a self-taught, passionate and culture-driven dancer. She is currently known for her twerk business, Twercture, through which she teaches twerk movement and culture around Finland. Awa is also a performing artist who loves to create performances that leave people feeling bare and intimate.

Ajak Majok

Ajak Majok is a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for movement, music and moments that turn into a movie.

DHQ Aino

Aino is a dancer from Helsinki who has dedicated herself to the love of her life, dancehall, for the last ten years. Aino was crowned as the Finnish dancehall queen in 2017. She has danced, shaken her booty and done jump splits on artists’ stages, competitions, clubs, a movie and even art galleries. She is a part of the Finnish dancehall Bubblin’ crew, known for her charisma, versatility and wining & shaking skills.

Siham Sheikh

Siham Sheikh is a Helsinki-born queer with a Somali background and an essential part of the U-Haul experience. Siham’s contagious joy and exemplary party energy generate total electricity. Siham channels their creative energy as a makeup artist, for example, for music videos, commercials and their bedroom.

Nadya Farghaly

Nadya is a cinematographer and a voguer. She got into voguing over a decade ago and has been active in the ballroom scene for years. Nadya has walked balls and won grand prizes locally and internationally in both her main category vogue fem and sex siren. She has taught classes, organized events and hosted sessions, and holds the Finnish Mother of the Kiki House of Angels title.

Selma Fikerte

Selma Kauppinen is a Helsinki-based freelance dancer and performer. She graduated as a dance artist from Tampere Conservatory in 2017, and since then, she has worked diversely as a performing artist. Selma gets her kicks from spaces and events that succeed in bringing people together from different backgrounds. Exploring communities and connections between people are her favourite themes in both science and art.

Marika Peura

Marika Peura is a freelance choreographer, dancer and performer based in Helsinki. She works multidisciplinary in dance, contemporary performing arts and the commercial field. Marika’s dance background is in street and club dance cultures; freestyle hip hop, house and waacking dances. This is reflected in her artistic practice and her relationship to bodily movement. Marika has graduated as a dancer and choreographer from the Theatre Academy of the Uniarts Helsinki with Erasmus studies from HZT’s Dance, Context, Choreography program.

Kaisa Nieminen

Kaisa Nieminen is a freelance dancer, choreographer, performer and rapper living in Helsinki. Her dance background is in street & club dance cultures, reflected in her artistic work and relationship with movement. Kaisa loves cyphering, freestyling, sharing the act of dancing with other people, and studying dance cultures and histories. Kaisa has graduated as a choreographer from the Inter-University for Dance Berlin (HZT) and operates in the fields of dance and contemporary performing arts.


“Another collectible”

Kai Aida

Kai Aida is a Finnish-Guinean multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki. Kai aims to uplift his community which is close to his heart. He explores ways for taking and creating more spaces for the bipoc queer trans community and to radically express their queerselves as a creative. Club U-Haul is one of those spaces allowing Kai to exist freely – a place to release energy, express oneself and heal together as a community. Kai Aida is an active member of the ballroom community.


Angel is a gender non-conforming queer performer that hopes to inspire people by telling stories based in Helsinki. Expect sexy and campy storytelling by the softest in the game!

Tyson Blu

Tyson Blu is a unique upcoming artist that delivers memorable performances and incredible energy on stage. Coming with a summer EP release, the artist’s music is inspired by catchy afro and R&B and is simply a great listen. As a part of the iconic house of Ninja, this artist is definitely one to watch.