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Seinabo Sey has a voice that transports you to an ethereal plane. She possesses a rich timbre that is deep, honest and distinct. The Swedish-Gambian singer-songwriter has been aware of her gift since childhood. From age ten, she would write songs and notice that rooms would fall silent whenever she burst into song. Having soaked up her mother’s musical tastes and observed her father, Maudo Sey, a renowned West African Sufi musician whose hymn-singing would bounce around the walls of her familial home, she’s carved her own path.

Sey’s new album The One After Me is, in many ways, a classic R&B/soul record where she skilfully merges the two musical cultures she grew up in – and with it, the freedom to create on her own terms. Inspired both by the classic R&B played in the mornings in Gambia and by her Swedish roots; the Nordic traditional folk music infused with melancholy, deep forests and folklore. Sey has a foot in both worlds but has never really felt like she belongs in either of them – but has now found the freedom to create her own sonic realm.

With The One After Me, a new chapter in Sey’s music career begins. The four-time Swedish Grammy Award-winning star no longer fears failure and wants to challenge the artistic persona she has built over the years.