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With a voice as smooth as velvet, Karri Koira made a spectacular return to the forefront of the Finnish music scene in 2023. Ending a long hiatus, his gold single Suoraan sydämeen became one of summer 2023’s biggest hits, consistently featured on radio playlists since its release. The artist, who inspired vast festival crowds to dance, also delighted fans with the release of Istun sun kyytiin during Midsummer and the whimsical EVOR track in October, a collaboration with SHRTY.

Karri Koira started his musical journey in the late ’90s with the rap group Vähäiset Äänet alongside Ruudolf and Tono Slono. He gained wider public attention with his 2012 album K.O.I.R.A. The platinum-selling record has become a touching domestic R&B classic, resonating with new audiences over time.