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Jambo is one of the fastest-rising artists in Finland in recent years. The artist’s career quickly took flight with his gold-streaming debut album Vapaa in 2022. The album was followed by a collaboration with Haloo Helsinki on the Reiviluola Remix, which became the second most streamed song in Finland on Spotify. The year 2023 began with a joint release with Cledos, Kilsoi, remaining the most streamed song in Finland on Spotify for over a week. His busy tour schedule and successful releases were recognised with a Newcomer of the Year Emma Award nomination in 2023.

Having released his second album, Eläintarha, at the beginning of February, Jambo’s career continues to soar, with the album’s title track becoming a phenomenon on TikTok. Winning YleX Radio’s Breakthrough 2022 audience vote, the artist has gathered a vast and loyal fanbase with his music, mixing electronic sounds, body-moving R&B, and rap.