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Ibe, also known as Ilmari Kärki, has risen as one of the most exciting and innovative voices in the Finnish hip-hop scene. His third album, Ibelius, released in January 2019 on his 20th birthday, solidified Ibe’s position in the Finnish music scene and led him to perform at major festivals such as Ruisrock and Flow.

Ibe’s music skillfully combines the narrator’s soft and sometimes vague emotions with a refined use of language, earning acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

Known for not shying away from trying new things or breaking boundaries, Ibe has collaborated with various artists such as JVG, Cledos, Sexmane, Melo, Benjamin Peltonen, Elastinen, Nelma U, Tuuli, and Isac Elliot and has experimented with a wide range of musical styles. His ability to adapt and innovate his expression makes him one of the most fascinating figures in Finnish hip-hop. Ibe’s career continues to evolve, inspiring and challenging listeners to think more broadly.