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Fleet Foxes (US)


All through its career, Fleet Foxes has drawn from the harmonies of 1960s folk and folk rock, but lyrically the band has always been a child of its time, the 2000s. The band’s songwriter Robin Pecknold is much more likely to chronicle his internal struggle — sometimes with disconcerting honesty — than political conflict. On their newest record Crack Up, released in the summer of 2017 — the band leaves behind even the last vestiges of its cosmic West Coast hygge to embrace the spirit of New York, where Pecknold now studies at Columbia University. Musically, the Fleet Foxes of 2017 draws from a wider palette than ever before, going as far as North Africa to find inspiration. The music Fleet Foxes makes has become more ambitious and complicated as Pecknold wakes up to the complexity oflife and a lack of easy answers to the puzzles it presents.