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Reaktor Backyard

Flow Festival’s Family Sunday fills the festival area with laughter and magic aimed for families. On Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm, adults who have bought a Flow ticket – which includes Sunday – can bring along children under the age of 12 to experience the festival buzz, play and enjoy the music. The afternoon is filled with fun activities for children, such as a disco for kids, fantastical characters and beloved children’s movies. Take care to provide proper hearing protection for children – whether it’s your own earmuffs or ones bought from the festival area.

Skidit Mega Disko

15.30–16.30, The Other Sound at Voimala

Flashlight party! Join us with the whole family and bring some light for one of Flow’s main arenas. In charge of the music will be the father of Skidit Diskos and head of music at YleX, DJ Orkidea, who’s made people dance all the way from New York to Ibiza. As visiting guests are the dance teacher and choreographer Virpi Kurkihovi and Koko perheen klubikoulu (The family club school) — let’s party! Bring a torch, a headlamp, or a bike light with you and come dance in the Skidit Mega Disko! The always sold-out starter of the kids’ disco boom, Kallio-born Skidit Disko will be organized as a mega version on Flow Festival’s Family Sunday.

Roots Helsinki Kids Yoga

13.30–13.50 & 14.30–14.50

Roots Helsinki will organise kids yoga on the Backyard’s cozy green area. Yoga mats are provided by Roots Helsinki, and their professional yoga teachers will make sure that the sessions are safe and fun. The 20-minute yoga sessions start at 1.30pm and 2.30pm.

Skateboard school for kids


On Family Sunday, the Suvilahti DIY skatepark becomes the school of skating! Between 1pm and 4pm kids can come there to master the art of skateboarding under the guidance of Petrus Mattila, the host of Skeittipaku. Boards, helmets and protective gear are provided as well. Feel free to come and join the fun, whether you’re a full rookie or already a seasoned skater! The skateboard tutoring is enabled by Suvilahden skeittiparkin ja lähialueiden tukijat sekä ystävät Ry, that strives to preserve the park that is overshadowed by the threat of being demolished.

Startup Refugees Garden

Startup Refugees Garden offers face paintings, hairdos, and a jewellery workshop where you can learn to make your very own tassel earrings and key chains from recycled materials. The AIDA impact jewellery team employing immigrants with craft skills will instruct the making of jewellery. The workshop is suitable for all ages, and the parents are more than welcome to join in. Every participant will get to to go home with a self-made piece of jewellery. There will be guidance in Finnish, English, Russian, and Arabic.

Startup Refugees is a non-profit voluntary network supporting refugees with employment and entrepreneurship.

Finnish National Opera & Ballet pop-up flea market

13.00–15.00, The Other Sound at Voimala

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet organizes the super popular pop-up flea market at Flow Festival! Most stunning clothes from the Opera’s storage will be on sale and the clothes will be presented by a group of dancers. The flea market will be held in the Voimala building as a part of Flow Festival’s Family Sunday from 1 pm to 3 pm. This year the National Opera and Ballet’s pop-up flea market will be organized exclusively at Flow Festival.

Redi For Graffiti

REDI and graffiti artist Psyke are organizing a graffiti workshop at Flow Festival, where the whole family can create their own graffiti pieces and also influence the bigger communical graffiti piece. Participants will be able to take their graffitis home and the big graffiti piece will be displayed in REDI.

My Neighbour Totoro


Hayao Miyazaki’s third full-length film, My Neighbour Totoro is the cornerstone of Studio Ghibli’s production, and possibly their most precious cinematic treasure. Full of warmth and wonder, the nostalgic and unrefined world of Totoro is situated in 30s rural Japan. Telling the story of two young sisters who move into a new home and get acquainted with the magical spirit creatures of the near-by forest, Totoro embodies several central themes that are represented in Miyazaki’s filmography.

Director: Hayao Miyazaki



Hayao Miyazaki’s script of Arrietty is based on the children’s novel The Borrowers (1952) by English author Mary Norton. The narrative of the film has been shifted from 50s England to modern day Japan, where a suburban neighbourhood of a large city serves as the film’s setting.

Young Arrietty is no normal teenager. She belongs to the tiny folk of the Borrowers, living with her family under the floorboards of a human-inhabited house. When she turns 14, her father takes her on a borrowing venture to the world of humans, where she meets the boy Sho. The Borrower’s first rule is never to let humans see them, yet Arrietty can’t help listening to her heart. The newfound affection between the youngsters help both of them in discovering their teenage identities. This classic story is full of Ghibli magic.

Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Wastescape Room

In HSY’s Wastescape room your recycling skills are the key to success! Wastescape offers participants a brand new way to explore recycling in groups of four. In the escape room, one has to fight their way out through different recycling tasks, which have been designed with using classical escape room elements. The tasks may be challenging, but fear not, a novice recycler can thrive in this game as well. 90% of the elements in the Wastescape room are made from recycled materials. HSY in collaboration with Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy offers festival-goers the chance to compete in the first ever waste escape room in the world, suitable for younger recyclers too with the help of a parent.

Oat shakes and Tattoos

Oatly’s oat-based milkshake refreshes both small and big festival-goers during Family Sunday’s bustle. While freshening up, the scurriers may also decorate their skins with fabulous temporary tattoos.

DJ music at Backyard

The youngest festival guests will be entertained by the founder of Lasten oma radio, the radio multiactor DJ Luca! DJ Luca will spin tunes at Flow’s Backyard that will certainly bring out the joy out of the little Family Sunday guests.