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Heineken Backyard

Dea Barandana is a Bali-based DJ, producer, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist who is a regular and much-liked performer at the Helsinki electronic music club and festival scene. He doesn’t name the genres he plays but has described his DJ style as tropical and ecstatic. His one-man mission is to share his love of the obscure with the dance floor.

Barandana has been digging crates worldwide and regularly visits Europe to play in Berlin, London and other locations. In Bali, he works at the local Potato Head Beach Club and co-working audiophile space Studio Eksotika. As a producer and musician, he has released music with his solo project Dea and as a member of the Zatua and Precious Bloom duos. Their acclaimed debut album was released last year and they will perform on the Balloon 360° stage at Flow this year.