Riviera Cinema Bar

Fri 11.8. 15:30 - Riviera Cinema Bar
Sat 12.8. 14:00 - Riviera Cinema Bar
Sun 13.8. 13:00 - Riviera Cinema Bar

The one and only movie theatre in the Kallio district will arrive to Flow Festival again this year. In the Cirko hall, you can take a breather amidst the festival buzz, relax into the cozy beach chairs and hammocks, and let your thoughts wander to something completely different. Without forgetting just the right snacks and drinks! Flow Friday will present a taste of the Teenage Kicks series, which beginning this autumn will treat you to classic sweets and the best teenage nostalgia from different eras. On Saturday, Riviera Arts will showcase snippets from the autumn’s art offerings along with popcorn and cooling delights. Sunday afternoon is a foretaste of the upcoming Riviera Kids programme, which features the best children’s movies at Riviera this autumn, including surprises! The festival ends with the last show of Riviera’s summer series, Kallio Noir. The Riviera bar serves the audience during the whole festival, both inside and outside at Cirko’s terrace. Welcome!


Teenage Kicks

4.30pm Dazed and Confused (1993), 1 h 42 min
7.00pm The Breakfast Club (1985), 1 h 37 min, Blu-ray
9.15pm Clueless (1995), 1 h 37 min
11.45pm Rushmore (1998), 1 h 33 min, DVD

Riviera Arts

3.45pm Short films by Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, ELO Film School Helsinki (2016-2017), 1 h 18 min
6.00pm Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (1927), music by DJs Antti Salonen + Mekaanikko + guest TBC, 1 h 19 min
8.15pm The Royal Ballet presents: The Dream by Frederick Ashton (2017), 55 min
9.30pm The Royal Ballet presents: Symphonic Variations by Frederick Ashton (2017), 27 min
10.15pm The Royal Ballet presents: Marguerite and Armand by Frederick Ashton (2017), 35 min
11.30pm Black Swan (2010), 1 h 48 min, Blu-ray

Riviera Kids & Kallio Noir

1.30pm The LEGO Batman Movie (dub) (2017), 1h 44 min
3.15pm The LEGO Batman Movie (orig) (2017), 1h 44 min
5.45pm The Lobster (2016), 1 h 59 min
8.30pm Pulp Fiction (1994), 2 h 34 min