Flow Festival joins forces with Forum Box Gallery. As a result of the collaboration Suvilahti will see large-scale and impressive video installations by Pasi Rauhala, Timo Wright and Juhana Moisander. The installations will be projected onto both the internal and external walls of the buildings on the festival grounds. The works in question have been commissioned for Flow Festival, and their impressive implementation is realised in cooperation with Bright Finland and Barco video projectors, which they represent.

Flow artistic partner Forum Box is a non-profit artist-run co-operative society, which was initiated in 1996. Its main purpose is to maintain an art space in Helsinki in order to enrich and support the Finnish cultural life. Currently Forum Box co-op has over 80 artist members, all of which are prominent Finnish artists and actors in the field of contemporary art.

In addition to the Forum Box collaboration, Young Designer of the Year Laura Väinölä will build an interactive shrine in the renewed Backyard area.

More Flow art announcements will be made later in the summer.