Moor Mother (US)

Sun 13.8 23:00 - The Other Sound

In Camae Ayewa’s Moor Mother, chaotic sound collages mix with vehement lyric outbursts that owe a bigger debt to the protest poetry of The Last Poets than hiphop’s formal strictures. Even though the mainstream has in recent years seen concept albums that borrow heavily from afrofuturism, jazz and the avant-garde, in Moor Mother’s hands these elements go a lot deeper. They are a substance that has to be dismantled into their constituent parts and put together in an even more anarchic form. The end result is a barrage of spoken word and societal criticism that flirts with noise, an ambitious look at black history that brings to mind Matana Roberts’ improvisational chronicles. Moor Mother, though, is a fully modern take: cut up, machined up and cold as ice.