Midori Takada (JP)

Sat 12.8 15:00 - The Other Sound

Asian percussion sounds made their entrance into the European classical cannon from the 1930s on, and the works of Lou Harrison, John Cage and Steve Reich they became increasingly prevalent as the 20th century ground on. The works of Japanese composer and percussionist Midori Takada show that influence travels both ways. Takada’s music is a global dialog between the classical traditions of East and West. Takada used to play in the Berlin Philharmonic, but eventually found herself as a performer of Asian and African percussion music. She took with her the formative Western influences, though: Steve Reich’s ideas, Coca-Cola bottles and the cowbell.  After an absence of years, in recent years Takada has returned to the European stage and shared the stage with Spencer Doran’s Visible Cloaks project, among others.