Laura Cannell (UK)

Fri 11.8 19:30 - The Other Sound

Our modern conception of folk music often gives short shrift to liturgical music. It risks missing out on its chance to build a bridge to modernity. What if an 11th century peasant in Central Europe had wanted to listen to ambient music? Laura Cannell released her debut album Quick Sparrows Over The Black Earth in 2015 and has since then moved farther away from folk music traditions towards a modern interpretation of music from the Middle Ages. Last year’s Simultaneous Flight Movement was a move towards an electroacoustic sound. Cannell has also performed improvisations based on the compositions of Hildegard von Bingen with Bass Clef and Charles Hayward. Cannell’s songs have been remixed by Luke Abbot and Hacker Farm, among others. She might be building that bridge.