Joshua Redman: Still Dreaming (US)

Fri 11.8 18:45 - Bright Balloon 360° Stage

Joshua Redman – one of the best known saxophonists in the world – embarks on his latest musical project with the “Still Dreaming” quartet. This new group features Ron Miles, Scott Colley and Brian Blade, three of the most imaginative voices in contemporary jazz, who will also join Redman on stage at Flow Festival. Together they will interpret the “Old and New Dreams” quartet of the 1970s and ‘80s, a renowned quartet of Ornette Coleman alumni that included Joshua’s father, Dewey Redman. With repertoire consisting of Ornette Coleman compositions and original works, their music was honest, uninhibited and completely engaging in its unpredictable live execution. With Still Dreaming, Joshua Redman fulfills his birthright and explores his heritage by adding a new perspective to this historic material.