Sun 13.8 21:15 - The Other Sound

FAKA happens where class, race and sexuality intersect. The intersection is somewhere in post-colonial Africa. FAKA is brutally beautiful and unyielding. It won’t be put aside or fade into the background. It demands your undivided attention and will not yield its turn to speak to anyone else. The something-more-than-a-performance duo consisting of Johannesburg natives Thato Ramaisa (alias Fela Gucci) and Buyani Duma (alias Desire Marea) looks at issues related to the queer body in Africa and its diaspora. They are a voice normally not heard, in Africa or the West. Or listened to. FAKA’s voice carries through kwaito and other South African rhythms, giving brith to their very own Qqom-Gospel. FAKA dances and writhes its way straight into your pineal gland.