Riviera Cinema Bar: Lazy Sunday

Sun 14.8. 13:00 - Riviera Cinema Bar

The Riviera Cinema Bar’s combination of movie theatre and bar gives us a taste of what’s to come – it is a true place for friends of films and good times. The actual Riviera cinema will open its doors this October in Kallio, Helsinki at a long-abandoned yet traditional film location.

After two days of festivities, the soul needs some respite, and Riviera offers a new rise with Sunday’s carefully picked series of quality fluff (and also some of questionable quality). Have a calming mindnumbing moment with Sylvester Stallone and The Expendables 3. Enjoy popcorn with loose living in Kallio with Six-Pack Movie (Pussikaljaelokuva). Riviera offers a surefire recipe for easygoing Sunday moods.

14.00 Six-Pack Movie (Pussikaljaelokuva, 2011)
16.00 Wetlands (Feuchtgebiete, 2013)
18.30 Don Jon (2013)
20.00 Expendables 3 (2014)
22.45 Audience choice

The screening format is Blu-ray (and DVD in case the film has not been released in Blu-ray).