Riviera Cinema Bar: Freaky Friday

Fri 12.8. 15:30 - Riviera Cinema Bar

The Riviera Cinema Bar’s combination of movie theatre and bar gives us a taste of what’s to come – it is a true place for friends of films and good times. The actual Riviera cinema will open its doors this October in Kallio, Helsinki at a long-abandoned yet traditional film location.

Friday’s set of films offer straightforward looniness to get the festival weekend started with exactly the right spirit. Contemporary classics such as Gaspar Noé’s hypnotic Enter the Void and Alexandre Aja’s horror comedy Piranha 3D as well as Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki’s legendary 1985 film Calamari Union (significantly set in Kallio) are a sophisticated combination of impressive art film and loony moves that break the boundaries of taste while offering relaxation and raunchiness.

16.30 Calamari Union (1985)
18.30 Kaboom (2010)
20.30 Piranha 3D (2010)
22.30 Enter The Void (2009)

The screening format is Blu-ray (and DVD in case the film has not been released in Blu-ray).