Jolijn de Wolf and Jay Mar Albaos: How to relate to a mythical creature

Fri 12.8. 18:00 - Festival Site
Sat 13.8. 14:00 - Festival Site
Sun 14.8. 13:30 - Festival Site
Sun 14.8. 18:00 - Festival Site

Meet the myth, walk with the Minotaur. Start un-knowing the self The Minotaur lives in the unknown. The unknown can be dark, playful and most of all, very open and free. Rules and regulations that work in the known world turn out to be insufficient when you spend time in the unknown world of the Minotaur. Come meet and walk with the Minotaur, explore the confusing labyrinthine possibilities of Flow Festival and gain new ways to relate to this world, each other and yourself. Jolijn de Wolf and Jay Mar Albaos are both studying “Live Art and Performance Studies” at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki.

Please note, that the marked starting time is referential. The exact timetable below:
Friday 18.00-20.00
Saturday 14.00-16.00
Sunday 13.30-15.30 & 18.00-20.00

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