The Suvilahti festival area houses 11 different venues for Flow, including massive outdoor and tent stages for thrilling and atmospheric spectacles as well as cosy indoor and outdoor venues for more intimate moments. The Main Stage is fit to entertain the complete festival capacity of 25,000 people, while the smaller stages are suited for audiences of less than a thousand festival goers. Take a closer look below.

Main Stage

All roads lead to the Main Stage, which dominates the center of the festival area. This eye-catching primary stage is located at the core of the Flow environment, and is reachable or visible from almost every part of Suvilahti. The classic outdoor Main Stage has seen some of the brightest stars of the global music scene and been the epicenter of unforgettable Flow discoveries. This year, several changes have been made to the Main Stage area, ensuring better visibility and making it easier to move around the area.

Lapin Kulta Red Arena

After last year’s premiere at Flow Festival, the gigantic tent stage, boasting a capacity of almost 15,000 persons, will once again become one of the festival area’s reference points. The flagship tent by Kayam has a maximum height of 20 metres, and the stage structure equals the Main Stage in size. This year, the ceiling of the tent has been equipped with 100 acoustic panels custom-made for Flow by Soften. The installation-like panels breathe the festival’s visual identity made by Bond Agency.

Bright Balloon 360° Stage

Bright Balloon 360° is the beating heart of the Flow Festival. The stage was born five years ago as the result of an architecture competition and has since become one of the festival’s hallmarks. The stage is like a planet of its own where the atmosphere is always enchanting and intimate, and offers festival goers goosebump-inducing performance spectacles. As the festival area grows larger this year, the Bright Balloon 360° will move to a whole new area with a new seating capacity of over 1,600 persons and new stairwells that help getting to the upper levels of the venue. However, we recommend guests to arrive early to the popular venue to guarantee the best gig experience possible. Bright Balloon 360° is the namesake venue of Bright Finland.

Zalando Black Tent

The compact and cozy Black Tent is known for its palpable atmosphere. The Black Tent will be renewed this year, and the new, silver-shimmering Zalando Black Tent will be able to accommodate thousands of more festival-goers than in the previous years. Top billing artists fill up the tent with music fans year to year, so we recommend that festival goers make their way to the Black Tent events with time to spare for the best seats in the house. Also, the more spacious area makes it more convenient to enter and exit the Black Tent.


Voimala, the “power plant” of Suvilahti, is the largest of the industrial structures in the area. The wide open, thousand-square-meter hall has the distinction of serving as the Flow Festival’s official sanctuary for electronic beats. The somberly decorated, laser-strewn space creates the perfect conditions for contemporary electronic rhythms, a staple of the festival.

Resident Advisor Front Yard

Flow Festival’s Backyard concept will move to a new area this year. The lush new Resident Advisor Front Yard offers an even larger venue to see the top names in electronic music. At Front Yard the parties will be held in the middle of grungy containers and the familiar lights from the old Backyard will be taken to next level at the new location.

Tiivistämö (The Other Sound)


Near to Suvilahti’s hulking gas containers, there is Tiivistämö, which has a rugged feel of its own. Thanks to its slightly smaller surface area, the mood in Tiivistämö is guaranteed to be intimate and snug as well as a venue for unique cultural experiences. Also, because of the more intimate space, we recommend arriving early to get the best gig experience possible. Tiivistämö will host a program called The Other Sound, which shines a light on the gems of experimental music.

Red Garden

Flow’s completely new venue Red Garden brings quirky parties to the festival. Red Garden is a visual experience in symbiosis with the eternal colour red. It’s a bit of Twin Peaks and a bit of deceased Spanish lady’s ivy-covered mansion, where trees are growing inside her red, velvety living room. Red Garden will take you on a journey through red nightlife along with its red characters.


Flow’s beloved Backyard will be reincarnated as the center of peace! Backyard, formerly known as a club music-focused party venue, will invite festival-goers to take a breath and enjoy the relaxed ambience. The new, transformed Backyard will feature mysterious and meditative sounds served by top local and international DJs – plus yoga, raw food and art. Young Designer of the Year Laura Väinölä will create a unique, commissioned piece titled Altar of Attraction in the Backyard. The participatory altar, made of plants, lets festivalgoers take a breather amidst the festival buzz. On Flow’s traditional Family Sunday, Backyard will be one of the venues to host fun activities for kids and families.

Vinyl Market

The Helsinki-based record label and festival We Jazz and Flow Festival will host a new concept in celebration of vinyl culture next to the Bright Balloon 360 Stage. We Jazz has invited a number of record labels focused on vinyl releases to take part in the project, both from Finland and abroad. The labels’ DJs will play vinyl only sets during the weekend, and the record shop on site will offer a hand-picked selection of goodies from the catalogue of each imprint. There will also be a cover art exhibit, and a print publication to mark the occasion. The DJs at the Vinyl Market will play taking turns with the live sets at Balloon, and the record shop is open during the festival opening hours. There is also a listening booth, and record shoppers can remain carefree during the festival by ordering a home delivery for their vinyl finds. The Lanson Champagne Bar is located next to the Flow 2017 Vinyl Market. The interior of the area is provided by Eero Aarnio Originals.

Riviera Cinema Bar

The independent movie theatre Riviera Kallio in Harjukatu, Helsinki will bring their pop up concept to Flow Festival again this year. Riviera Cinema Bar is not only the right choice for film freaks, but also for those who love to chill out. So, if you are looking for that refreshing drink, mind-blowing film experience, your lost friend or just a good laugh, Riviera Cinema Bar knows exactly what the happy campers at Flow Festival need.