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The Other Sound

In a world where technology leads change in business, new ideas emerge when different views meet. On Flow’s Saturday, Tietoevry Create leads its audience into a world of sustainable digital solutions and innovations with top speakers.

The program starts with a keynote by Tietoevry Create’s design leader, Denny Royal, who talks about nature’s role as a model for technological innovations. With 30 years of experience in design-led organisations, Royal has combined behavioural design with customer-based digital services. In his keynote, Royal focuses on biomimesis, a multidisciplinary field of research that aims at solving practical issues by imitating forces and forms of nature.

Royal’s keynote is followed by inspiring case examples related to design and digital innovations. The program is hosted by Oona Ylänkö who has worked as CEO of the programming school Hive Helsinki and as a Game Brands Lead at Supercell. Ylänkö is also known for hosting Slush and Tietoevry’s Data Insiders podcast.