✸✽✦●❚❢✠✢⬟ #FLOWFESTIVAL ✸✽✦●❚❢✠✢⬟ #FLOWFESTIVAL ✸✽✦●❚❢✠✢⬟ #FLOWFESTIVAL ✸✽✦●❚❢✠✢⬟ #FLOWFESTIVAL ✸✽✦●❚❢✠✢⬟ #FLOWFESTIVAL ✸✽✦●❚❢✠✢⬟ #FLOWFESTIVAL ✸✽✦●❚❢✠✢⬟ #FLOWFESTIVAL ✸✽✦●❚❢✠✢⬟ #FLOWFESTIVAL ✸✽✦●❚❢✠✢⬟ #FLOWFESTIVAL ✸✽✦●❚❢✠✢⬟


Flow Festival is a trailblazer in the Finnish festival scene. The forward-thinking festival brand is associated with brand partnerships which are innovative and high in quality.

The musical content and additional programming plus the uniquely decorated Suvilahti festival area offer remarkable grounds for new innovations and visibility for our brand partners. Each of the partnerships at Flow Festival are individually tailored concepts, which remain on the agenda throughout the year.

Flow Festival presents new potential angles for partner brands in associating with the festival and presenting itself to the audience. There are many options for networking and reaching core groups in both the Finnish and international fields.

Contact: Marketing manager Milla Valjus, milla AT flowfestival DOT com

Flow Festival 2017 Photobook (.pdf)

Flow Festival 2016 Photobook (.pdf)

Flow Festival 2015 Photobook (.pdf)