Flow Festival is a trailblazer in the Finnish festival scene. The forward-thinking festival brand is associated with brand partnerships that are innovative and high in quality. Flow Festival 2022 main partner is Lapin Kulta Pure, and partners are FREE.fi, Vaasan, Polestar, Samsung Galaxy, Valio Oddlygood, Lanson, POOL, Juhla Mokka and Helsingin kaupunki. Production partners are Creative Technology, Sun Effects and Stop Teltat. Media partners are Clear Channel, Helsingin Sanomat, Radio Helsinki, Finnkino and Resident Advisor.


Flow Festival’s long-term main partner is Hartwall, whose fresh drinks, such as Lapin Kulta Pure and Lanson, have already become very familiar to our audience. “Our longtime cooperation with Flow, as the main partner, has strengthened Lapin Kulta Pure brand image and preference in our target group of young urban citizens.” Heikki Savolainen, Head of Category Marketing, Hartwall.  “For Lanson, Flow Festival has become one of the most important points of sales and touchpoints with our audience. The long cooperation has made the champagne bar at Flow the place to be and the place to be seen in.” Marianna Godenhjelm, Business Unit Director, Hartwall.


“Responsibility and experiences are things that unite us. At Flow, experiences are based on the sense of community, music, art and good food, where Vaasan Street food fits perfectly. ” Katja Willberg, Brand Experience Manager, Vaasan Oy

Samsung Galaxy

“Where the Flow Festival was born out of the desire to follow current music and its phenomena and enjoy them collectively, Samsung’s focal point is also on following trends and being innovative. Creating new experiences takes optimism and courage, and those we both have. Today, music and art have a symbiotic relationship with technology, and that enables thousands or even millions of people to get together and share a musical experience. For Samsung, Flow Festival 2022 is a place where we can spend time with a culture-loving festival audience and introduce them to Samsung’s Korean roots, and to new innovations in some surprising ways.” Mika Engblom, Country Director, Samsung Finland.

Valio Oddlygood

Simply put, Flow is a one-of-a-kind urban festival. Flow Festival doesn’t only provide a great environment for music, but to experiencing great food and arts too. We see that our collab goes in line with our core values and mission, as we aim at changing the world with awesome taste by bringing more and more tasty plant-based goodies for everyone to enjoy. Flow is a place for the creative, open-minded and joyful people, who are not afraid to be bold – just like us!” Niko Vuorenmaa, CEO of Oddlygood global

We’re thrilled that Oddlygood will be part of Flow and we want to make our part to provide a world rocking festival experience. Our “Oddlygood Tasteland” will be a colorful playground that gathers cool, fun, aweing experiences – all around taste. Stay tuned!” Aino Aho, Marketing Manager, Oddlygood


“Flow Festival is a one-of-a-kind city festival that gives visitors the chance to meet and connect with each other after a long break. These kinds of human interactions also form the very essence of our POOL concept. POOL offers flexible workspaces that are designed to support working from any location and boost wellbeing, while continuously adapting to our ever-changing work life. We are excited about this collaboration which allows us to invite people to keep an open mind, break the loop and create unforgettable experiences”, Johanna Sarekoski from Antilooppi.

City of Helsinki

Our long-term cooperation with the City of Helsinki continues, and events are an important part of the city’s strategy. Together, we want to renew and develop Helsinki’s cultural offering and cultural atmosphere. This year, in addition to other collaborations, we have jointly organized an event industry training for young adults, the Helsinki Flow School.


The musical content and additional programming plus the uniquely decorated Suvilahti festival area offer remarkable grounds for new innovations and visibility for our brand partners. Each of the partnerships at Flow Festival are individually tailored concepts, which remain on the agenda throughout the year.

Flow Festival presents new potential angles for partner brands in associating with the festival and presenting itself to the audience. There are many options for networking and reaching core groups in both the Finnish and international fields.

Sales and Marketing Manager Vilja Grotenfelt, vilja AT flowfestival.com, +358 40 709 1612

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