Red Garden keeps the party going through the Flow weekend!

Flow Festival’s favourite party oasis Red Garden presents a program curated by Red Light Radio, up-and-coming DJs and interesting live sets. The DJs playing at the Champagne Bar & Lounge are also announced.

The program for Red Garden on the festival’s opening day, Friday the 10th, was curated by the eminent Red Light Radio from Amsterdam. Red Light Radio is an internationally recognised influencer, showcasing talented DJs. For Red Garden, the radio station chose, among others, Lena Popova, an influential presence in St. Petersburg DJ circles since the 90s, Volition Immanent and Mad Miran, emerging from Amsterdam’s energetic club scene, as well as Helsinki-based Sansibar, who takes the audience on a psychedelic space journey.

On Saturday and Sunday the dance floor at Red Garden will be packed by Finnish DJs and live performers. The program is curated by Lauri Soini, Flow’s programming team member and the program manager of Klub Kaiku. For example, on Saturday DJ Lifegoals plays a set inspired by Italian dream house from the 90s, and Handshaking plays live sets that experiment with techno and house. Also featured is DJ Bombarelli, one of the founding members of the iconic Peijakas! queer club. Sunday’s acts include a DJ set by the up-and-coming Yeboyah, who appeared alongside Princess Nokia at last year's Flow, Masha and Cute Cumber from MYÖS collective, as well as sound designer Niko Hallikainen, who makes his first solo appearance titled Blue Exhaust.

The weekend’s hosts at Red Garden are Andre Pozusis, Oona Oikkonen and performance artist Munalissu. This time they will be joined by style icons Mikko Vainio, Miika Kemppainen and Lisa Reynolds from London with the high priestess of fashion Minttu Vesala.

At Flow’s Champagne Bar & Lounge, visitors enjoy DJ music while sipping on champagne. On Friday, the decks are taken over by Jaako Hurme and Eric Filipus, who present sounds from different parts of the world. On Saturday Heikka Rissanen, Irene Kostas and Fummer present mystifying, electronic sounds from East to West, true to the spirit of their Alpha Omega club events. On Sunday the Champagne Bar & Lounge belongs to Esko Routamaa, a DJ legend from Turku. Champagne Bar & Lounge is located in the Balloon 360° area. Another Lanson bar – dedicated to organic champagne – is located close by Red Garden.

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