Red Garden offers a guaranteed party throughout the Flow weekend

The artists of Flow’s popular party havens, Red Garden and Champagne Bar & Lounge, have been announced.

Flow’s unique red party centre, Red Garden, will be taken over by norm-breaking acts each as spectacular as the other. The audience will get to witness the voguing and ballroom culture inspired French DJ Kiddy Smile, the fashion-world favourite, Parisian DJ Dustin Muchuvitz, Fecal Matter, the Canadian duo relying on freedom of expression, as well as the hyper-sexual provocateur Bernardino Femminielli likewise from Canada, and the Italian Gabber Eleganza drawing inspiration from the current flows of the hardcore and underground scenes.

Ballroom culture and drag art will fill the Red Garden several times, as the party oasis will witness acts such as the House of Mizrahi Finland bringing a group of glittering trans women on stage, My Neck My Back celebrating the racialized, brown queer culture, the club kid collective the House of Disappointments influenced by the fashion world and drag queens, and the House of Auer inspired by, for example, memes. In addition, Club La Persé brings glitter, wigs, and queer hedonism on stage accompanied by the Londoner Ray Noir, famous for his daring music. Other acts hopping on stage include a member of the Iconic House of Ninja, Coco Ninja, as well as Slaya Bit who has performed in queer events all over Finland. In addition, Red Garden’s audience will be enthralled by a large group of topical DJs.

Through the entire red weekend, Red Garden will be hosted by a group of unique nightlife characters: the red prince and princess Andre Pozusis and Oona Oikkonen, the UG drag artist Illuminatrix, the style icon Lisa Reynolds from London, the supermodel Ada Schlizewski, Madame Metal Ansku Heiskanen, the jester of darkness Antti Asplund, and the high priestess of fashion, Minttu Vesala.

Additionally, Flow’s Champagne Bar & Lounge offers its visitors music alongside their glasses of bubbly. On Friday, Champagne Bar & Lounge will see an upbeat Italo party as the DJs such as Teemu Keisteri and Maria Wesander spin out the best that Italo has to offer. In addition, Champagne Bar & Lounge will host Finland’s most mystical synthpop pioneer Tapa Paha Tapa. On Saturday, Champagne Bar & Lounge is filled with disco euphoria by DJs Mr. A and Janne X from Bassoradio’s MILK program. On Sunday, the DJ lineup brings together interesting combinations of urban music makers, UG gang, established club names like Krash Bandicute and Skenikswee.

The Helsinki-based record label and festival, We Jazz, will host its third annual celebration of vinyl culture at Flow in the form of the pop-up record shop Vinyl Market. We Jazz has put together a strong selection of quality releases from a number of record labels focused on vinyl releases, both from Finland and abroad.

Read more about the artists on the program page.