Organic club music takes over Flow's Backyard

Flow Festival's legendary Backyard dives deep into the history and the present of club music. This year Backyard offers a program hewing to Flow Festival's club music director Toni Rantanen's alias DJ Lil Tony's Music4Friends concept: organic club music for friends around the world, regardless of year or genre.

Flow Festival's cozy lawn area Backyard is a green oasis known for its joyous atmosphere. On Flow Friday the stage hosts Dutch DJ legend I-F with an italo set, his compatriot DJ Marcelle who conjures entertaining, surprising and edifying listening experiences on three turntables, Canadian DJ Dane who mixes dramatic old school disco numbers with the club sounds of today as well as Donna Leake with her set consisting of jazz, afrobeat and other organic dance rhythms. Also taking the stage on Friday is a core figure of the Helsinki club scene, founder of Kuudes Linja, Kaiku and Ääniwalli among others, Toni Rantanen alias Lil Tony, who also curates the program for Backyard.

On Saturday the assembled multitudes will move to the sounds of DJ, producer, label boss, record store owner and one of New York's most sought after club scene characters Joe Claussell, Chee Shimizu from Japan, who is an undeniable authority in the area of digging obscure music, as well as Dubby, a venerable pioneer in the realm of Japanese moving and shaking. After an unforgettably sunny set at last year's Flow, Sadar Bahar joins us again, but this time with his colleague Lee Collins. The American duo is digging deep into the very roots of house music – lush and rare disco, funk and soul. The homegrown contingent for Saturday consists of Denzel & J.Lindroos who've kept the Helsinki scene hopping for years.

On Sunday the Backyard crowd will dance to selections made by Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy, a denizen of the New York club scene since the early 90s and a lifelong disciple of music, as well as fellow New Yorker GE-OLOGY, who is known for producing Mos Def and De La Soul as well as for the valiant variety of his DJ sets. Also on the bill are Amsterdam club scene powerhouse Cinema Royale, whose sets can go from italo to boogie and kwaito to Belgian new beat, up-and-coming Los Angeles -based house and disco Jen Ferrer, as well as genre agnostic Australian jockey Lauren Hansom, who also works for the company that produces Condesa mixers, loved by quality-conscious knob turners the world over.

More artist announcements to come later this spring.

Read more about the artists here.