Interaction and activation in Flow’s art program

Flow’s art program invites the festival visitor to dive into the world of art and to become a part of it.


For the second year in a row, Aalto University students’ work will be on display all around the festival. The on-site construction of the Aika-lava, a marvel made out of ply and wood by Aalto’s Architecture program, is a massive wooden hall that will be filled with art and other activities during the Flow weekend. The base of the stage is made up of 50 laminated veneer lumber frames with 100 legs symbolising Finland’s era of independence. The wooden construction will provide the frame to a hyper-sensorial experience, where festival visitors can just relax and recharge themselves, perhaps meet robotic pets or team up with another player to defeat a horde of colorful lights. Aalto students will also present a 100-meter long mural as well as video art all over the festival area.

Visual artist Tiina Pyykkinen, also awarded the Finnish Young Artist of the Year 2017 prize, will create a commissioned work for Flow Festival.The interactive painting installation called Transmission is a physical space that examines themes of concealment, continuity, and sharing. The reflective, mirrored surfaces of the work merge the surrounding environment, the artwork and the observer all into one.

Flow will also present a multitude of contemporary video and light art. Sami Sänpäkkilä and Anna-Mari Nousiainen’s The Eternal Sleep of the Man is an installation consisting of 15 video pieces that portray the magic of the everyday as well as the heart and soul of urban environments. Video and light art will also accompany the experimental music program of The Other Sound. The Other Light exhibition, curated by the light art collective and production house Sun Effects, includes, among others, the Japanese STONE63’s abstract UV paintings, the minimalist color study In Relation to Colour by Aleksander Salvesen, as well as Ville Mäkelä’s humorous and political Vladimir.

Artwork by the US cartoonist, graffiti artist, and tattooist Mark Bodē will be on display at the Make Your Mark Gallery during the Flow Festival. Bodē himself will attend the festival to create a commissioned piece. Original artwork by his legendary cartoonist father, Vaughn Bodē, will be seen at Flow as well.

This year Flow Festival collaborates with film distributor Finnkino, and together they will provide a sneak peek of the coming autumn’s movie premieres. The Finnkino Pop-up Cinema’s program includes, for example, a harrowing and unconventional love story Stupid Young Heart directed by the Academy Award nominee Selma Vilhunen, premiering in October this year. Also films by Aalto University students will be screened at the Cinema.

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