Flow Festival's eat and drink lineup is here!

Expanding the complete experience of Flow Festival, the festival’s restaurant and bar selection is once again a world-class collection of high-quality culinary surprises and exceptionally versatile drink options. In addition, Flow continues its trail-blazing work on sustainability by cutting red meat and poultry entirely out of the menus and ensuring all restaurants have at least one vegan option. The festival also presents a wide variety of wines, craft beers, and desired additions to non-alcoholic beverages.

The extensive culinary selection at Flow Festival is a combination of numerous new restaurants and beloved favorites familiar from previous festival editions. This year, visitors get to enjoy food from 40 restaurants and drinks from over 20 bars. Flow’s CEO Suvi Kallio tells more about the food of this year’s festival: “Flow is constantly looking for new ways to make the festival more sustainable. Food production is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases worldwide, and, on average, animal-based nutrition is particularly burdensome for the environment. Therefore, the next natural step was to stop offering red meat and poultry in our restaurants. Instead, we focus on first-rate vegetarian options, and many restaurants only serve vegan menus.”

Flow Festival’s visitors get to enjoy the vegetarian-focused menus by the best restaurants in Finland, as many fine dining kitchens relying on seasonal ingredients and local food arrive at the festival for the first time. The Glass serving Nordic Bistro and Tampere-based Kajo using local food bring their restaurants to Flow. W30, taking festival visitors on a delicious journey to French cuisine and Brasa with their Yakitori by Brasa concept, complement the festival’s fine dining experience.

Flow will also serve food with the best vegetarian and seafood ingredients inspired by different parts of Asia. Loi Loi, with a playful interpretation of Southeast Asian cuisine, and Pobre, serving food from the Philippines, launching its new restaurant concept CALAMARI at Flow Festival, are both part of this year’s selection. Added to the mix are vegan Kimchi Fries, which serves french fries with Korean kimchi, and The Bao, a restaurant by Vaasan serving trendy steamed bao buns with an Asian twist steered by top chef Mikko Kaukonen. Returning to Flow are Finland’s first ramen restaurant Fat Ramen with its vegan menu, Lie Mi presenting modern Vietnamese cooking, and Twisted Street Kitchen, with its eighth time at the festival.

Bringing to Flow breezes from the Middle East and North Africa are Sandro's founder's new restaurant concept Casa Moro, offering Moroccan flavors with a Nordic twist, Levant with their meze-meals and grilled falafel rolls, Baba Hummus Bar serving traditional hummus dishes, and Georgian Street Kitchen offering the very best of Georgian cuisine like khachapuri, Lavash breads, and Georgian vegetable stew.

Street food friends are spoiled by numerous new restaurants that include highly popular Seksico Tacos, which is known not only for its tacos but also for its classic Seksico®️ Chili Sauce, Story with its menu of sourdough pizza dogs, musician Lieminen’s popular pizza restaurant Crusty Pizza with its food truck, and Churros & co. with its savory and sweet churros. Additionally, a festival favorite, Finland’s first vegan hamburger chain, Bun2Bun, returns to Flow.

One of the city’s most popular spots for locals and international visitors Way Bakery and Anton&Anton whose portions are made with domestic, high-quality ingredients are also included in this year’s restaurants. Paulig’s Juhla Mokka Smooth Lounge & Cafe and Oddlygood Tasteland, a vegan smoothie bar, reinforce Flow Festival’s food and drink options.

Flow’s wide selection of drinks expands this year. Some of the specialties are Viinilinna, located near Flow’s cozy restaurant world presenting the best wines of Hartwall, two champagne bars by Lanson, Craft Alley focusing on craft beers by Mattson, Lagunitas, and Bryggeri, and the ZeroZone featuring only non-alcoholic beverages. Near Lapin Kulta Red Arena, a fully self-sufficient Lapin Kulta Pure container bar running on solar power offers festival-goers refreshing drinks.

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