Flow Festival brings the world’s best DJs to Resident Advisor Front Yard

Flow Festival brings a group of club music’s hottest stars to the festival in cooperation with the world's leading electronic music online media Resident Advisor. Among the top DJs performing at Flow's Resident Advisor Front Yard are Eris Drew & Octo Octa, Kerri Chandler, Folamour, Jyoty, Sansibar, and Jori Hulkkonen.

Flow Festival is known for its exceptionally first-rate club music repertoire, rivaling in its abundance with the world's best electronic music festivals. Realised at Flow Festival since 2017, Resident Advisor Front Yard is the place to be for every club music lover - a place where the party continues non-stop from the moment the gates open well into the night. This year at RA Front Yard, visitors can enjoy a diverse program of superstar DJs and emerging talents. Eris Drew and Octo Octa, the most visible actors in the North American queer DJ scene, will take the stage at RA Front Yard with their back2back gig. Additionally, house music legend Kerri Chandler, French DJ and producer Folamour, and Jyoty, who plays sold-out club gigs all over Europe, will all bring the party to RA Front Yard.

RA Front Yard will also feature one of the most exciting acts of its generation, also making a name internationally as a producer, Sansibar, Parisian-born DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Chloé Caillet, and one of Europe’s minimal techno greats with a career of over thirty years, Speedy J. On stage will also be the most interesting act of the Berlin underground, Nene H, a New Zealand duo inspired by early house Chaos In The CBD and the Finnish legend Jori Hulkkonen celebrating the 30th anniversary of his first release with a live set.

On the RA Front Yard stage, the festival crowd also gets to enjoy the shows of the Dutch amapiano pioneer WaxFiend, the new Finnish synthpop duo Modem, and Knife Girl, the indiepop phenomenon breaking genre boundaries. Joseysradios, a specialist in amapiano and Afrohouse from East Helsinki, DJ Voices, influencing widely in the field of electronic music, and Jaye Ward, a regular DJ in London's queer clubs for decades, will come to make people dance at Flow's RA Front Yard.

More acts representing Finland's DJs scene at RA Front Yard include Antti Salonen and Carlina Carpela with their back2back set, Argentina-born Xample Live, combining improvisation and numerous instruments in his live set, as well as All Good Soundsystem, a trusted DJ in the Helsinki club circuit. In addition, HiToshi, playing electronic music without genre boundaries originally from Japan, a member of the Iconic House of Ninja and a pioneer of Finnish ballroom culture, Coco Ninja, and Ima Iduozee, a respected choreographer and director in addition to his DJ career, will all bring their sets to RA Front Yard.