“A roster of high-profile restaurants, cafes, and bars provide the food (options include vegan, organic, farm-to-table, sustainable, and every other buzzworthy edible trend). Forget lukewarm cups of cheap beer; at Flow you can sample artisanal brews, great wines, and even Champagne at the Champagne Bar.” -Vogue (US)

Food plays an essential role in the Flow program and the servings together compose a colorful culinary creation. There are approximately 40 different high profile restaurants, cafes and bars serving the varied audience tastes. The restaurants are handpicked to the festival that is known for a quality of food it provides its attendees, and for many visitors food is a headliner in itself.

Vegan choices as well as the use of local, organic and sustainably produced ingredients are emphasised at Flow Festival. As one of the world’s first carbon neutral festivals, Flow aims to provide the audience with ecological restaurant experiences. With the Sustainable meal environmental program the festival educates the food-serving personnel as experts in using the season’s ingredients and sustainable cooking.

Flow Festival’s drink selection is also extensive. In addition to the more traditional festival bars, the special craft beer bar in the area offers a wide selection of drafts while at the champagne bar extraordinaire audience can enjoy a glass of bubbly while listening to music played by well-known dj’s. There is also a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks and quality wines. Lapin Kulta Arctic Malt 0,0% alcohol-free beer is available in every bar in the area.