This year ALL tickets will be exchanged for a wristband. Festival guests with the Flow wristband can enter and exit the festival area during the Flow weekend as they wish.

Wristband exchange points

This year Flow Festival has two wristband exchange points. One point is located near the main entrance to the festival area, at Sörnäisten rantatie 22, and the other at Lasipalatsi Square in the Helsinki city centre. If possible, please exchange your ticket for a wristband in advance to avoid queueing. The wristband exchange points can get crowded especially on Friday evening.

Suvilahti festival area’s wristband exchange and accreditation points (map) are situated near the main entrance to the festival area at Sörnäisten Rantatie 22. Please note that there is no wristband exchange at the festival’s main gate, so make sure you have exchanged your ticket for a wristband before proceeding to the gates. The wristband exchange near the festival area begins on Thursday.

The wristband exchange point at Lasipalatsi Square (map) is located in the heart of Helsinki, next to Amos Rex Museum and near Kamppi Shopping Center. You can exchange your ticket for a wristband at Lasipalatsi Square from Thursday to Friday. You will also find Flow Festival’s press and guest accreditation points there. Please note that there are no ticket sales at Lasipalatsi Square.

The opening hours of the wristband exchange points

Wristband exchange point near the festival site, Suvilahti (map)

Thu 8.8. 14-20
Fri 9.8. 12-01
Sat 10.8. 12-01
Sun 11.8. 12-23.30

Wristband exchange point at Lasipalatsi Square, Helsinki City Centre (map

Thu 8.8. 10-20
Fri 9.8. 10-20

More about the wristband exchange

  • The wristband will be applied and tightened on the ticket holder’s wrist upon pick up. Therefore, the wristband cannot be picked up by anyone else but the ticket holder personally.
  • The wristband is personal and it cannot be shared with anyone else, it must be worn during the whole time it is valid. An unattached wristband is not valid for entrance.
  • The ticket includes the name of the buyer but the ticket can be exchanged to a wristband by anyone over the age of 18.
  • The age restriction of the festival is 18. Therefore, you should prepare to prove your age with an official ID when exchanging wristband.
  • Due to a limited capacity in wristbands, it is not possible to combine several one-day tickets to get a two-day or three-day wristband. For example, a one-day ticket for Friday and a one-day ticket for Saturday do not equal a two-day wristband. Same goes for a two-day ticket and a one-day ticket, it is not possible to combine them into a three-day wristband.