Flow Festival’s renewed Backyard is a haven of ambient music and relaxation

Flow’s chilled-out Backyard area will be completely transformed this year. Backyard, previously known for hosting all-weekend parties with a focus on club music, will shift towards a more relaxed vibe and wellbeing this year. The area will feature DJ music, yoga, raw food and art.

This year, free yoga classes by Roots Helsinki will help festivalgoers relax and get both their body and mind into the festival groove. The 20-minute yoga sessions start as soon as the gates open each day. On Sunday, Roots Helsinki will offer kiddie yoga for the little ones. Young Designer of the Year Laura Väinölä will create a unique, commissioned piece titled Altar of Attraction in the Backyard. The participatory altar, made of plants, lets festivalgoers take a breather amidst the festival buzz.

The food on offer will be centred on wellbeing as well. In addition to Roots Helsinki, many other of today’s most interesting restaurants and cafes will offer raw food, healthy treats, coffee drinks and juices.

Backyard’s musical selection exudes mysterious and meditative vibes that invite festival goers to sit down and enjoy the relaxed ambience. The lineup consists of top local and international DJs, providing Backyard with atmospheric music throughout the weekend. Backyard will experience impressive sets by long-time Salon Des Amateurs resident and Offen Music founder Vladimir Ivkovic, space rock pioneer and K-X-P front man Timo Kaukolampi, currently working on a solo project; Finnish rave culture pioneer and influencer Esko Routamaa; Amsterdam-based DJ Izabel, on her way to conquer Europe; and Danish multidisciplinary artist SØS Gunver Ryberg, operating between electronic and art music. In addition, the Backyard lineup features DJ, producer and Helsinki club scene regular J.Lindroos; ambient and techno DJ Irene Kostas; DJ Katerina, actively touring around Europe; H_TDJ of Trevor Deep Jr.; DJ Matti Nives, known for experimental music radio such as Avantgardeyö; and experimental music adventurer DJ Jonna.

Read more about the artists here.