Flow Festival, the truly unique city festival, has been organised in Helsinki annually since 2004. Flow Festival was born out of the founders’ passion for culture. Feeling that Finland and Helsinki, in particular, were lacking a high-quality alternative music festival. In 20 years, Flow Festival has grown from a small club event to the trailblazing European music and arts festival it is today.

While the scale and breadth of Flow have changed throughout the years – more artists, more people, more everything – the founders’ original motive still stands every year: to create a festival they genuinely want to attend themselves. Today, Flow’s vision is to be an international leader in festivals and one of the most attractive and prestigious festivals in the world. Flow’s mission is to offer high-quality and diverse experiences, as well as to renew and develop Helsinki’s cultural offering and cultural atmosphere.

Flow’s operations are guided by the following key values :

Content Orientation

Flow Festival is a carefully curated, high-quality festival with an innovative and content-driven program inspired by popular culture and experimental arts. With broad music and arts program, hand-picked food and restaurant services, thoughtfully designed and decorated festival area, and extensive sustainability program, Flow has put a new benchmark on the European festival scene.

Customer orientation

Flow Festival is committed to producing a first-class and equal festival experience for all of its visitors and other stakeholders. In order to ensure a high-quality customer experience, the festival implements a yearly feedback survey and is in constant interaction with its customers through various channels. Flow treasures the valuable input of its partner organisations, which are vital in creating Flow’s content and a magical festival experience for everyone.


Flow was founded for the love of culture and has since made its mark in Helsinki’s cultural atmosphere. Culture and events have a remarkable positive impact on people’s wellbeing, which works as an incentive for Flow, but the festival also acknowledges its environmental consequences.

Flow Festival has done extensive environmental work for over ten years. The festival pays attention to its impact on the local community, residents, and the environment and works determinedly to cut down its harmful effects. Flow aims to reduce the harmful impacts of production continually by, e.g. conducting new research and taking comprehensive environmental action. Furthermore, the festival reduces its environmental debt by donating to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, which permanently protects old-growth Finnish forests.

Community spirit

Flow Festival is committed to forwarding the principles of justice, equity and equality. Everyone is welcome to the festival just as they are, and we tolerate no form of discrimination. We expect our entire staff, as well as our associates and distributors, to adhere to the same values.

Get to know Flow Festival’s responsibility program and see how the festival’s values are carried out.


«Flow Festival is a fairytale come true.»
-Clash Magazine (UK)


«Without a doubt one of the most unique experiences in live music today.»


«The Nordic countries’ coolest music festival»
-Vogue (US)