This year, art at Flow Festival will be more ambitious than ever, as every corner of the festival area will hold a surprise. Cooperation with Galleria Forum Box brings unique video installations into the post industrial landscape of Suvilahti. Make Your Mark, an art gallery permanently located in the Suvilahti area, brings two internationally renowned street artists’ pieces to Flow. Laura Väinölä, Young Designer of the Year will create an interactive shrine built from plants to the renewed Backyard area. At Riviera Cinema Bar, one can take a breather amidst the festival buzz and let your thoughts wander to something completely different.

Cooperation with Aalto University will be on display at different parts of the festival area showing versatile art pieces. At a special Aalto area the guests can admire the impressive Kokoon mobile house, light installations and designs by the students. In addition a 100-meter long mural painting, experimental animations and short films made by the students can be seen at the festival area.