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Yeboyah has risen in the Finnish music scene not only as one of its most political rappers but also as an admired queer icon. They have dealt with their mother’s death and explored their own identity and boundaries during years of personal change. They became widely known to the general public after participating in the Dancing with the Stars show in Finland.

This charismatic artist from Helsinki started their solo career in 2017 with the single Broflake. The Elovena EP, released in 2019, and their debut album Perhosefekti from 2021, brought them several Emma Award nominations and elevated them to perform at Finland’s biggest festivals.

Beyond their music career, Yeboyah is a prominent cultural influencer in Finland. Their activism against inequality and injustice has sparked important discussions about systemic racism and sexism in Finnish hip-hop culture. They are a trailblazer for future artist generations, inspiring a more inclusive, diverse, and safe music scene.