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Vesta is undoubtedly one of the most talented singer-songwriters in Finland. She first gained public attention with her debut single, Anteeksi, in 2015, and three years later, her debut album, Lohtulauseita, propelled her to become one of Finland’s most promising and innovative pop artists.

The album received widespread acclaim, and concerts on its release tour sold out in advance. Helsingin Sanomat praised Vesta as “the best that Finnish mainstream pop currently has to offer” and was awarded the Newcomer of the Year at the Emma Awards.

Vesta continued her musical journey with her second album, Uskon tulevaan, released in 2022. The album addresses current themes such as the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. Following the release, Vesta ascended to even larger stages.

Vesta is known for her emotional lyrics, catchy pop hooks, and relatability. She possesses the rare ability to create music that profoundly resonates with listeners.