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Counted among Finland’s leading indie rock bands, The Holy are known for their deep Nordic melancholy, explosively energetic live performances, and an unusual lineup that includes two drummers. Hailing from one of the darkest countries in the world, The Holy’s sound and songwriting are often noted for influences from post-punk, Bruce Springsteen, and krautrock. The band’s frontman, Eetu Henrik Iivari‘s timeless voice, alongside intense drumming, analogue synths, and a wall of guitar sound, often leave listeners comfortably uncomfortable.

Starting in the small venues of Helsinki, The Holy have come a long way, performing now at festivals and venues across Europe. With their third album, Ländmark, released in February, they stylishly leapt into new territories by adding a dash of fascinating experimentation to their music. Playing only a handful of festival gigs this summer, The Holy will perform at Flow Festival with a special 10-piece lineup that includes wind instruments, percussion, piano, and synthesisers.