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Originating from Baltimore, serpentwithfeet is one of the most intriguing stars of experimental and alternative soul and R&B in recent years. Having released three acclaimed albums throughout his career, the artist is known as a versatile talent whose spectrum spans from delicate art music to assertive club sounds.

His third album, GRIP, released early this year, finds its home in gay nightlife, favouring the black queer community’s club dance floors. The album explores moments of physical touch and how they manifest. Whether it’s a grip around the waist or the face, serpentwithfeet examines all angles. GRIP lives sonically through the highs and lows of nightlife and romance. The album is a body of work emphasising moments close to the heart. Throughout his career, serpentwithfeet has demonstrated his versatility in R&B music and continues to push the boundaries of his artistry. Serpentwithfeet has performed alongside artists such as Björk and Brockhampton and toured with Rosalía and Grizzly Bear, among others.